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The future is now and we live every moment of it. In this relentless pursuit for more progress and the zeal to conquer the sky, we give you the power to control and structure your own environment, with only a Touch.

Redefining the very concept of opulence and comfort, automation is a reality that is here to stay and we bring it to your very doorstep.


" Integration as per your Desire "


Efficiently Control Lighting, Cooling, Curtains, Professional Home Theater and Security Systems in your iPad/iPhone/Android enabled devices. 


" All with Just-a-Touch "


The same set of services are extended to Commercial and Hospitality spaces as well.


 "Wireless Automation"


Our Unique Selling Point - Wireless Retro-fit-able Technology which is Scale-able and Reliable. We indulge in our promises and provide seamlessly structured service.