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Kunal Sabharwal is the founder & CEO of Dextro Inc. He founded the firm in early 2014 after a stint in Management Consulting.

Equipped with a degree in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering, he decided it was time to innovate in this field. He had a simple vision: To make best-in-class integrated homes adopting state-of-art technology. Being an avid tech buff himself, Kunal says he wanted people to be able to «Live efficiently by embracing

Kunal has consulted & executed Integration projects like vacation homes, plush bungalows and metro apartments across the country. Today he is a global CEDIA ESC-T certified member & ISF Advance Level 2 certified video calibrator. Only a handful of Custom Integrators in India have achieved this qualification. International collaborations with European and American manufacturers have fruitfully ensured emphasis on quality as well as product design.

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