A dedicated machine used for providing multimedia on demand. A Machine which provides a completely unique experience to watch your favorite collection over all possible smart devices in your eco-system. This changes the way you entertain yourself. Gives you the freedom your deserved to access your media from various sources, such as streaming movies online, purchased discs such as Blu-Rays or DVD’s. Enjoy your favorite¬† movies without having the hassle to Look for the Disc from your library. Simply Search Select & Enjoy the Magic Unfold.



DEX-MEDIA PLAYERS allow you to quickly view your entire collection of Movies, Music, TV Shows, Vacation Pictures or Videos on the screen stored in your 16 Tera Byte Server. Large collections can be searched, sorted or filtered by genre, rating, title, actor or other parameters for quick & easy access. In mood for a Rom-Com simply search for your favorite actress Jennifer Aniston movie instead of physically searching, collecting and deciding which disc to go far.

Access your unfinished FRIENDS season while you are on a coffee break in office. Stream the content from your Media Server to your iPhone. Share your vacation experience with friends and give them the rights to your particular Photo Album on the server such that they can view the pictures at will and maintain your privacy of other albums and videos.


Insert Blu Ray & DVD discs in the Server and Forget about all your physical discs. The DEX-Media Server will automatically store a Lossless Audio Video Format of your media such that you, your family members, friends can access the stored content in your Home Theater, iPhone/Android smartphones & tablets from the comfort of your recliner or while you are on the go. You will also get better Audio/Video quality if you compare it with online streaming services like Amazon Video, Pandora, Netflix etc.

Our Media Players will sync with Server to find the cover art and metadata and will automatically begin importing your movies for you.

Dextro Media Server

But perhaps the best feature for those who frequently rent DVDs or Blu-ray discs is the licensed CSS decoder for movie playback of encrypted discs, which legally allows you to view a single copy of any movie disc imported to this system for as long as you want to devote 6.5 GB or more of disc space to retain the movie. Movie disc collections can also be archived to offline backup for permanent retention.