Your Home Theater, Simplified

We bring the performance and reliability for your amusement such that the entertainment devices for entire house can be control on single platform. Enjoy high definition content and dollby audio in any room by single click. Turn a candle light environment in to a party hall.

Home Theater

Recreate a professionally calibrated home theater in your personal space.
Enjoy high definition immersive audio video on big projection screen and customized lighting to create the ultimate movie watching experience.
Eliminate the use of multiple room and enjoy simple cutler free environment.
One touch or voice command to control the entire home theater to play your favorite movie or turn to your favorite channel.

Multiroom Audio

Play your favorite music anywhere or everywhere.
Wake up to a soothing morning raga each day and end it with your favorite dance list.
Dim lights while playing music to enjoy relaxing dinner with your loved once.

Multiroom Video

Enjoy an incredible sound and video experience in each room through out your house of multi media devices such as set top box, Xbox, play station, Media players etc. as well as your personal digital library.