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Your tablets, mobiles and other electrical devices typically control most of your communication and entertainment. Communication with people is an established norm. Communication with your home isn’t. It is going to be one of the most important things you do in the next 5 years. Catch it early, without incurring the hassles of renovation. Make the systems you already have and are used every day to work together.

With the onset of work, leisure, travel and other exploratory journeys that you make, your home is going to have to manage itself. You have your phone. All you need is an interface to talk to your home. Home Automation systems support your old or new infrastructure without any breakage or time lapse.

Dextro, a leading System Integration Company and Pan India providers for Smart Homes, explains what you can achieve with Home Automation:

ü  For new constructions: *Future Proof your house to make it tech-friendly

ü  Gain access to your home via secure interface while travelling

ü  Track home operations through security cameras and burglar alarms

ü  Centrally operate music/TV and other gadgets in different rooms

ü  Dim, brighten and colour your rooms with one light & many shades

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Indulge in simplifying your life. Let your home assist you.

Dextro offers Integrated Solutions for practically any function at home or office. It brings the world’s finest quality of different devices at your doorstep and takes the sole responsibility to integrate them all in one application for you.

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