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Letting your home think for itself

March 25, 2015













Your Phone + App + *Future Proof Design = A Life of Comfort + Energy Savings

Remember the Smart Home in that science fiction movie? It’s the new normal now. It awaits your home, depending on when you choose to jump on to the advancing bandwagon of offerings that come your way. Home control systems empower you to indulge in entertainment, comfort, security and convenience. Here’s how:

Entertainment: With just a button, you can switch from One to Fun in seconds as you create customized lounges with video, music and lighting settings to suit the mood.

Comfort: Prepare your home to receive you in the evenings with a cup of hot tea, a warm ready bath, drawn curtains, soft music and a dim lit room.

Security and convenience: Take care of the little ones or the elderly at home, as they no longer struggle with switchboards, doors and other electrical appliances in your absence. By using motion sensors and well timed interventions, temperature control, camera alerts, bed tea preparations and communication systems can make you feel closer to your loved ones back home.

The Added Bonus: Energy Savings Could you imagine this all without a hike in your electricity bills, and in fact a visible reduction? The well-organized control system ensures that your home implements activities with time precision and efficiency.

 Contact Dextro to make it possible for you.

Dextro offers Integrated Solutions for practically any function at home or office. It brings the world’s finest quality of System Integration at your doorstep and takes the sole responsibility to manage your Eco-System in one application for you.

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*Future Proofing http://goo.gl/CRo4bq

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