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Exchanging Switch-Keys


The basic premise behind DEXTRO Automation is the possibility to Retro-fit it in any house, apartment or office building, without damaging the infrastructure.

Taking advantage of the non-invasive installation process, you can get the existing switches and sockets in your home converted to have automated controls.


Now sit back and watch the magic unfold ! 


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After a hard day's work you deserve a rest. All you dream about is getting back home. Inform the Fibaro System and have it await your arrival. Create the right atmosphere in the house and ensure your comfort and convenience.

The system knows the evening approaches sensing reduced intensity of the light outside. It turns on the garden lighting and the fountain.

The system senses your car approaching the property. 

Increases the brightness of lighting in the garden and in the driveway to 100%. 
Opens the gate and the garage door. Turns on the light in the garage.

If CO detector senses deterioration of air quality in the garage, the fan is turned on, to drive the exhaust fumes outside. 
If CO concentration is too high may threat your life, garage door will remain open until the garage is aired. 

The alarm system is deactivated. 

If it's dark, all the roller blinds are pulled down. 
Lights are turned on in all the rooms where motion is detected. 

The TV turns on to your favorite channel*.
WATER THE GARDEN scene is activated. 

Brightness of the light in the garden is reduced to 50%. 

Sprinklers are activated and water the garden.
Your neighbor joins you for a football match. 

Before you let him into the house, you talk to him on the phone, which is connected to the intercom. 
When you open the gate, brightness of the garden lighting is increased to 100% and sprinklers are turned off, so as not to get your guest wet.